Childhood Friends Keep Their Promise to Start a Business Together

Mario Settles & Chris Chunn were like any other best friend duo in Elementary School. They ate lunch together, they played on teams at recess together, and in their Gifted and Talented class (Quest) at Indian Hills Elementary School,  they worked on creative projects together . What does stand out about these two is that they worked so well together, in Elementary School, that they reunited over 20 years later to launch a  Tech Company. Mario & Chunn reunited to create a Mobile APP together that they now call trukPLEASE.

TrukPLEASE is a Mobile APP using the Ride Share model to provide an On-Demand Solution for people that are in need to have a large item hauled. Consumers with larger items, that will not fit in their vehicles, can now login to the trukPLEASE APP, Request a truck to be there within minutes, and have their item loaded and delivered with the quick touch of a button.

Settles told Chunn about the idea at an Arkansas Traverles baseball game, Chunn then looked over at his fiancé, now wife, Stephanie Chunn, and asked her “hey, want to start a Tech Company with Mario and become the next uber?” She replied “sure, why not? I Love Mario!” And that is exactly what they did. With their company now projected to have a valuation well into the millions, this elementary duo now has a little more than just ideas and dreams to add to their life long friendship.

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